self-balancing electric wheels

eWheels also known as Personal Light Electric Vehicles (PLEV) are popular since the invention of the famous Segway PT (Personal Transporter). Nowadays we have all sorts of electric personal transportation, but our focus are the self-balancing types with a single wheel (electric unicycle) or two parallel wheels (like Segway PT, hover and balance boards). The rider controls the speed by leaning forwards or backwards, and steers using a handlebar or by twisting the unit using their feet. The self-balancing mechanism uses gyroscopes and accelerometers, while electric engines usually build into the rims are keeping the rider in balance.

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eWheels, especially electric unicycles, represent a lightweight alternative to traditional close range vehicles like bicycles. Their compact size allows the rider to fold them and carry like a briefcase. This saves a lot of space in public transportations and is a perfect addition for the last mile to release the inner cities from heavy traffic and bad pollution. Additionally, no parking slots are required and you can take them just wherever you go - no need to worry about theft or letting them outside in the rain.

However, most countries still lack appropriate regulations for those vehicles, which caused a low adoption rate and unclear liabilities. The eWheels.org Association e.V. is supporting the regulation and standardisation of self-balancing electric vehicles and you can join us here!

Check out some inspiring videos from our friends at EWheelMotion in Berlin!